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Why Panna Cotta is the ultimate dessert

Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse Panna Cotta

Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse Panna Cotta


How Panna Cotta took the world by storm

the divine dessert that dazzles

How Panna Cotta became the most famous Italian dessert

At first glance, it may look like any ordinary pudding, but the Panna Cotta is much deeper than what meets the eye. This sweet custard dessert made of sweetened cream and gelatine is one of the most flexible desserts in the kitchen. Panna Cotta, Italian for “cooked cream”, remains an all-time favourite from our customers from around the world.

Its Italian heritage stems from the region of Piedmont, and since its humble beginnings in the 1900s has then morphed and grown into the dessert we love and know today.

Executive Chef Michael Smith concocted the Pretty Boy Panna Cotta, creating a signature recipe that excites the senses. Featuring a series of ingredients, but not limited to, house made Amaretto jelly to give the dish a sweet kick, as well as an Almond liqueur to provide a nutty taste; this combination works together to compliment the vanilla flavour. To perfect this dessert, the Panna Cotta is then garnished with amaretto jelly, orange meringue and berries.

Let our chefs amaze you with this bestselling dolce at Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse, and let this experience take you over.

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