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Baked Beans with Pancetta


Baked Beans with Pancetta

What is Pancetta? Pancetta is an Italian bacon made of pork belly meat. Instead of being smoked, pancetta is lightly cured with salt and spices, giving it a more subtle flavour.

This dish is a staple of many Italian breakfasts and served daily on the Pretty Boy breakfast buffet. The key to the baked beans with pancetta is to cook the pancetta first and then use the oils and flavours to infuse and permeate all of the other ingredients. For those who enjoy the vegetarian option, no need to worry…. We also make them on request sans meat and seasoned to perfection.

How to make our baked beans:

  • Remove the fat from the pancetta and dice it

  • Begin cooking it in the pan to release all of the natural oils

  • Remove the pancetta from the pan and place it to the side for later

  • Use the natural oil to sauté onions and garlic

  • Add house made Napoli sauce and paprika

  • Add steamed white cannelloni beans

  • Finally add the cooked pancetta and serve


Try these at Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse, offered daily on the breakfast buffet.