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Italian Christmas Day Lunch at Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse Melbourne

Christmas is a day filled with love, family and festivities.


Christmas Day Lunch With La Familia


Christmas is a day filled with love, family and festivities. The very roots of modern day Christmas (Natale) celebrations can be traced back to Emperor Aurelian in 274 A.D. to take place on December 25 each year to link up with winter and summer solstice around the world. Natale is an exciting occasion to cook up and celebrate family recipes and to sit with them and enjoy the festivities. Here at Pretty Boy we are celebrating the traditions and spreading the holiday cheer of Natale and would like to celebrate with you!

Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse Melbourne is celebrating a month of festivities with Friday Lazy Lunches available from the last week of November all the way to the final Friday before Christmas, just like they do in Italy, by celebrating all of the traditions that lead up to Christmas itself. Book your lazy lunch.

The biggest tradition that Pretty Boy celebrates is the tradition of plenty of food! Food is an important part of Italian culture and is celebrated and highlighted year round, especially the time leading up until Christmas. Pretty Boy will be serving up Cenone during the day, and you can be sure that you will not be leaving hungry after one of our beautiful lunches.

Outside of copious types of meat eaten in and around Christmas, there is a variety of common foods that are eaten. Some of these include sweets containing nuts and honey to honour the fertility of the earth for a sweet new year, as well as a sponge cake with candied fruit known as panettone, biscotti, nougat candies known as torrone and rich gingerbread known as panaforte are all very popular throughout various regions of Italy.

Around Christmas, there are various traditions that permeate Italian culture such as La Befana, the Italian version of Santa Claus, which originated in Rome. La Befana is a spiritual figure in the Italian culture. Rumour has it that the three wise men stopped off at her house when in search for the newborn religious figure. Befana noticed a bright light in the sky; and in turn went to change her mind after turning the wise men away. She soon followed behind them, however got lost, and in turn stops every good child in her path and provides them with treats in the continued search for the right path. Watch out, if you are naughty, she will leave you with a sock full of coal.

La Befana begins her search on 6 December each year, and it is through this time that children are ordained with gifts from her, and she is the spiritual representation of agriculture and fertility. La Befana will dance, sing, and celebrate with la familia, and each year children will send letter to La Befana all throughout Italy.

Christmas Lunch is a staple of all Italian families, and Christmas Day lunch usually lasts for hours, and is usually meat-based. This meal consists of classic antipasto spreads with dried, cured meats, salumi, fine cheeses, olives and more. The first course typically consists of pasta, including gnocchi, pasta bake, spaghetti and heavier dishes such as lasagna. Next comes the secondi meal, which is usually the bulk of the meats including roasted veal, chicken dishes and braised beef are common Natale dishes worth celebrating. Through Natale there is a celebration of Italian Christmas, with family getting together and everyone coming to eat, cook and spend time together with a hearty, warm Italian flare.

Let Pretty Boy and La Familia celebrate Christmas Day Lunch with you

Adults $200 per associate

Accor Plus Members - $180 per associate

Children 13-17 - $150 per associate

Children 5 - 12 - $95 per bambino

Bambinos under 5 - free

Call in all the favors and get yourself a table with la familia (the family) at Pretty Boy Italian Steakhouse Christmas feast.

Buon Natale!

Full prepayment required at time of booking and cancellation terms apply. For further information on the Christmas Day with La Familia email or call 03 – 9929 8888.